Femitec joins DAIHEN Corporation in Europe

Inclusion of Femitec GmbH into the DAIHEN Corporation

Picture: (from left to right:) Raimund Geh, Managing Director Femitec Holding GmbH, Tobias Geh, Managing Director Femitec GmbH, Kentaro Kaneko, Senior Vice President and Executive General Manager of DAIHEN Corporation as well as Norbert Kleinendonk, Managing Director OTC DAIHEN EUROPE GmbH and Shinji Nishino, Managing Director OTC DAIHEN EUROPE GmbH

In accordance with the motto "from the family business into the corporate family", we are pleased to announce that the majority of Femitec GmbH has been acquired by the Japanese robot and welding equipment manufacturer DAIHEN Corporation in May 2022. The acquisition creates a strong base for developing and integrating the latest innovations in robotics, welding and camera technology for customized robotic system solutions.  

With the incorporation of Femitec GmbH into the DAIHEN Group, the OTC DAIHEN EUROPE GmbH has once again succeeded in improving its production and development through a large overlap of fields and supplementing them at crucial points. This further establishes the position in the European market for industrial robotics and welding system solutions.

Femitec GmbH has been active in robot simulation since 2004 and is now also known for the production, commissioning, programming and maintenance of automation solutions and complex fixture construction. Femitec has been working closely with OTC DAIHEN EUROPE GmbH as a partner for several years. Due to the almost identical spectrum in the area of turnkey  Automation solutions, extensive Service of robotic systems and Welding technology, as well as the development of software solutions it was natural to further improve the capacities, the service as well as the products of the DAIHEN Group in the future by acquiring a majority shareholding.

Through the acquisition in 2014 of DAIHEN VARSTOJ in Slovenia as a welding equipment supplier for the Eastern European region, and in 2020 with LASOtech GmbH in Suhl as an automation and laser application specialist, the DAIHEN Group has now been expanded by another European member this year. As a result, the OTC group of companies is now represented with 6 technical locations in Europe.

On 02.05.2022 the contract for the majority shareholding in Femitec GmbH was signed in the presence of the top management. This marks the start of a promising joint future.

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